servicios gris

• Calculation and preparation of payroll applying the collective bargaining or private agreement.

Working hours.

Changes of categories.


Effect of temporary disability leave due to accident or sickness.

• Inclusion of bonuses and deductions.

Increases on account of the collective bargaining agreement until its publication.

• Updating of wage arrears.

• Annual updating of public holidays.

Withholding tax.

• Changes in family situation.

• Calculation and preparation of Social Security payments.

Checking of:

Temporary disabilities

Work accidents

Maternity leave

• Calculation and preparation of payment of income tax withholdings.

• Quarterly or monthly payments.

Annual summary.

Withholding certificates.

• Collaboration with the Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company and the National Institute of Social Security.

Work accident reports.

List of accidents without sick leave.

Checking of accident payment settlements.

Doctors’ notes.

Registrations, hiring and de-registrations in special schemes (domestic workers, agricultural schemes, special collective bargaining agreements, artists).

Application for and processing of Retirement, Widows, and Orphans pensions.