instituciones gris

National Institute of Social Security

Appeals against requests for payment of contributions.

• Request for and negotiation of payment deferrals.

• Preparation of documents for receiving compensation for the Temporary Disability of Self-Employed Workers.

• Application for retirement pensions.

• Application for widows and orphans pensions.

Enrolment and leave forms for temporary disability, sickness, insurance claims for accidents at work.

Temporary Disability Records.

National Institute for Work Health and Safety.

• Pleadings in proceedings for violations.

Appeals against sanctions imposed in disciplinary proceedings.

Labour Inspectorate.

Assessment and analysis of company documentation.

• Appearance and submission of documentation to labour controllers.

• Appearance and submission of documentation to labour inspectors.

• Preparation of allegations.

Appeals against the reports of the Labour Inspectorate.

Local Labour Office

• Application for and processing of labour force adjustment plans and collective redundancies.

Wage Guarantee Fund.

• Records of claims for amounts remaining after declaration of insolvency (only for workers)

Regional Administrations and General Treasury of the Social Security: Direct connection

Working life certifications.

Up-to-date on payment certifications.

Pleadings against notices.

• Submission of proof of payment of contributions.

Registrations and de-registrations of:

Self-employed workers, domestic workers, special collective bargaining agreements, agricultural schemes, artists, special schemes.