firma gris

• We advise on all areas of insurance and reinsurance law in Spain. We have more than fifty years’ experience working with domestic insurance companies and branches of overseas companies. Our core business is focused on Life, Accident, Sickness, Pecuniary Loss, Damage (industrial risks, major risks) and Civil Liability (medical, lawyers, construction, brokers), Cars and Miscellaneous.

Litigation: we operate throughout Spain to defend the company in claims from its insured or third parties, to defend the insured (in cases of civil liability), to handle claims for recovery of losses and to handle claims resulting from relationships with mediators.

Policies: review, preparation and adaptation of conditions.

Claims: advice on processing, assistance with declaration of refusal, where appropriate.

Insured’s Ombudsman: review, preparation and adaptation of the Regulations to defend the insured (or customer service); assist the insured’s ombudsman.

General Directorate of Insurance: respond to claims; draft and monitor applications; report to different special registries; prepare arguments.

Mediators: adaptation, preparation and negotiation of agency contracts (exclusive or linked), bancassurance operator and brokerage agency. Review of training plans. Claims, where applicable.

Advertising and Marketing: review of sales campaigns, sales arguments, assistance with relationships with sponsors and suppliers.

Compliance: support for the internal compliance department; communication and analysis of legislative developments; review and adaptation of criteria and procedures.